Meet Rebecca, MaassMedia Senior Analyst

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Rebecca is a senior digital analyst who joined MaassMedia in July 2016. With an MS and background in neuroscience, Rebecca has extensive experience in a variety of analytics settings. Recently returning to digital analytics, Rebecca has practiced in a number of industries ranging from media, non-profit, intellectual property and retail. Naturally curious and with an eye towards detail, Rebecca enjoys providing perceptive insights across a full range of client engagements. Read More

How to Present Data To Executives In An Era of Alternate Facts – Hint: It’s All About Trust

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“In God we trust, all others must bring data,” the statistician William Deming once said.

There’s a lot that is appealing to me about Deming’s assertion that there is truth in numbers.  As the owner of an analytics consulting firm that specializes in helping companies make better business decisions based on data, I’ve always found the truth in numbers to be strangely comforting.  It is one of the reasons I gravitated to the field of digital analytics.

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Outsider’s Guide to Adobe Summit – Inside the Conference

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This was originally published on LinkedIn on March 30, 2017.

I started writing this on my flight back east from Adobe Summit. I was listening to Bob Dylan’s Rare and Unreleased Collection. It’s Wednesday today and it’s time to post this.

I’ve already posted some of what I was doing when not inside the conference and a lot of you have seen these already: Outsider’s Guide to Adobe Summit and Outsider’s Guide to Adobe Summit – Part 2

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Domopalooza – You are the revolution

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img_0062Sitting in the Salt Lake City airport waiting to board my flight to head back to Philadelphia, I am trying to wrap my head around the last few days I spent at Domopalooza.  Perhaps I am having trouble putting my thoughts together because of pure exhaustion from attending the two concerts in two nights that Domo hosted as part of the conference.  Perhaps it is due to the amount of useful information that was provided in the breakout sessions.  Perhaps it is due to the inspiring words spoken by the keynote speakers Nate Silver, Edwin Catmull and Theo Epstein.  Whatever the reason, my head is spinning at the moment.

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5 Ways to Measure the Impact of Digital Experience on Lead Generation

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How do you link the value of positive digital customer experience to online lead generation?

The question seems reasonable enough, but the answer doesn’t come so easily.

User experience metrics such as time on site, bounce rate or page views per visit are rarely, if ever, viewed in context with lead generation tasks or events. These metrics often exist in a vacuum or silo. It’s a leading reason why digital brand and product marketers don’t see the complete picture of influences on lead generation. Read More

The Outsider’s Guide to Adobe Summit 2017

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This was originally published on LinkedIn on March 15, 2017.

We’re less than a week and counting down to the official start to this year’s Adobe Summit. I haven’t been to the Vegas version, but I really enjoyed the SLC experiences over the years – from the beautiful mountain views from the rooms at Grand America – to dive karaoke bars – to that little coffee roaster across from the parking lot at Little America – to the bakery that makes those special French pastries called Kouign-amann.

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Digital Content Ratings: A Must-Have Guide to Implementation and Certification for the Joint Nielsen-Adobe solution

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Seeking comprehensive measurement of audiences’ content consumption behaviors across digital devices and platforms?

Nielsen Digital Content Ratings (DCR), powered by Adobe, the industry’s first comprehensive measurement platform for digital content, provides this insight into digital audiences. Digital Content Ratings provides content owners with metrics matching those of traditional television such as average audience, reach, frequency, gross rating point (GRP) and time spent, and insights about viewership, that can in turn be used by advertisers and agencies to more accurately plan purchasing of ad inventory associated with digital content.

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