The Art of Mobile Geofencing

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You’ve built a connection with your customers. Sales are up. Everything is running smoothly with your mobile app. But you’re not one to settle. So, how can you make your marketing campaigns hyper-focused?

Start by considering mobile phone usage. We are seamlessly connected in today’s world. It’s time to leverage this tremendous opportunity in the form of Mobile Geofencing.

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Dashboarding with Data Studio vs. Google Sheets

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Google Sheets was not originally created as a data visualization tool, but it has been flexible enough that many people use it for dashboarding. But with recent and ongoing improvements to Data Studio, including unlimited free reports, Data Studio has become a real contender against Google Sheets.

Which tool should your organization use for dashboarding? Each has its own pros and cons. Deciding on which tool to use depends on your role within your organization and your business needs. Are you a marketing executive looking for an intuitive tool to display high-level metrics? Or are you an analyst that will need to incorporate advanced calculated metrics in a dashboard?

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Installing Application Development Builds on OTT Devices — A How-to Guide

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The following article by Greg Molyneaux was recently featured in the Summer Issue of OTT Video Executive Magazine. To download a pdf of the article as it was originally published, click here.

When a company launches a new mobile/OTT app, it is very important that the mobile/OTT app works properly. This may sound simple, but you would be surprised how many issues arise during the development of a mobile/OTT app.

As a digital analyst, I am often tasked with providing quality assurance for the development builds of my clients’ new apps, which includes testing their functionality and data collection. Doing a quality assurance check of an app before launching is vital to the success of the app.

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MaassMedia Q&A: Geofencing Under the Hood

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With Senior Analytics Developer, “Big Wes” Wesley Hall
July 11, 2017
12-12:45 PM EST

Are you considering or already implementing a mobile geofencing program?

Do you have the marketing finesse and technical savvy to get the most out of it?

In this exclusive Q&A, “Geofencing Under the Hood,” MaassMedia Senior Analytics Developer Wes Hall will share his expert tips and answer your questions on how to use analytics to execute highly-targeted mobile marketing campaigns with geofencing.
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Meet Phil, MaassMedia VP of Client Services

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phil-kemelor_I’m a partner at MaassMedia and VP, Client Services – I’ve been with MM since Oct 2016 and have had a 23 year career in digital analytics and consulting. Companies I’ve worked for include: Semphonic, Ernst & Young, Bell Atlantic, Verizon, NetGenesis and SAIC. I’ve written The Executive’s Guide to Web Site Measurement and Testing, and was a co-founder of and lead researcher for The CMSWatch Web Analytics Report. I’ve been a frequent contributor to CMSWire. I’ll be speaking at DAHub in October and DX Summit in November later this year. Read More