Paint brilliant marketing pictures they’ll never forget.

With Tableau, you can quickly build interactive dashboards that combine, organize, and visualize data to facilitate analysis and encourage deeper exploration. In this participatory session, MaassIQ instructors use your organization’s own situations to demonstrate its customized automated reporting and alerts abilities, and instantly deliver actionable insights to decision makers.

Explore the basic principles of visual design and use them to communicate transformative insights with impact. Unlock your organization’s own understanding with persuasive visual stories that empower stakeholders to make better business decisions and boost performance.

Who Should Attend:

Analysts and Marketers.

Learn how to:
  • Ask the right questions and gather the right information to set up your dashboards and analyses for success.
  • Use the most relevant visualizations and dashboards for marketing.
  • Facilitate ad-hoc analyses of outliers and anomalies.
  • Easily identify data trends and patterns.
  • Incorporate interactivity into your dashboards.
  • Create custom calculated metrics.
  • Structure your data for compatibility with Tableau.
  • Link that data to Tableau with direct connectors.
  • Automate your reports and their distribution.

Prior knowledge of Tableau, or a burning passion to study with our ink-stained masters of the analytic arts and become the DaVinci of dashboards.

Our Guarantee:

This course will teach your team everything they need to know to take full advantage of Tableau’s many advanced capabilities. Learn the tools and methods that turn statistics into strategic guidance executives can see and produce reports that make them sit up and take notice.