Quality data analysis is core to understanding if your digital marketing initiatives are working as you expect. At MaassMedia, our team is our process because we pair senior marketing experts with cross-functional specialists, such as statisticians, analysts and engineers, who work together to help your organization uncover useful insights into your data. Collectively, this team can better understand your marketing problems, ask better questions and ultimately dig down into the data to uncover the insights you want to know. We analyze your data with multiple state-of-the art statistical analysis tools. The result is quality analyses that you can trust. Some of the advanced analyses we conduct include:

  • Web visitor behavior analysis
  • Online engagement scoring
  • Functional site analysis
  • Lead quality assessment
  • Customer segmentation
  • Channel optimization
  • Campaign ROI analysis
  • Form abandonment analysis
  • Social media impact assessment
  • Shopping cart performance optimization
  • Conversion rate performance improvement

Engage us on retainer or per project. Either way, you can feel confident you are getting the best data analysis available. You see data, we see data differently.