Custom Visualization Solutions Powered by Domo

Too much data…not enough insight? Too many dashboards…not enough customization?


We design Domo visualizations that are customized for you, your team, and your leadership.  domo-dashboard-laptopWe work to understand the reporting needs of everyone at your organization — from the CEO who wants a clear top line view of KPIs, to the analyst who wants a workbench for developing in-depth insights, to the content editor who wants the right metrics to make “on the fly” optimization improvements.

We established our Domo design/build process through multiple engagements with global brands across a range of industries including media, e-commerce, telecom, and entertainment. We provide real-time data to your teams presented, packaged and delivered exactly as they need.

  • Custom visualizations: Designing dashboards that are specific to the needs of each data consumer in your organization and that update automatically on a set frequency
  • Data cleansing: Fixing data anomalies, troubleshooting collection issues, and applying data filters
  • Data integrations: Integrating online and offline data sources, adding direct source APIs, and standardizing naming conventions from different sources
  • Data analysis: Providing timely explanation for patterns and variations, supporting a decision-making culture
  • Custom alerts: Configuring automated notifications to deliver important and time-sensitive data when you need it