The Challenge: Global telecom client needed to evaluate the impact of their website traffic on lead generation and sales. Client also needed to determine if sales and site experience impact Net Promoter Score (NPS). Previously, MaassMedia had been integrating data sources in Excel for the client, but the volume had grown to the point of requiring a data warehouse.

dashboard-desktop-mobileThe Solution: With Domo, MaassMedia integrated clickstream data from Google Analytics, closed sales data from Salesforce, and NPS data from the client’s website in a single location. Using direct source APIs in Domo, the Maass team eliminated the need for a data warehouse. The end result provided self-service dynamic reporting along with automated custom alerts for key stakeholders.

Value Added: With all the data in a single location, stakeholders gained a greater awareness of variance, which allowed them to ultimately have more control over their sales trajectory. All work connecting data sources was done internally at MaassMedia, eliminating the client’s reliance on IT for heavy-lifting. With Domo, the time to produce reports decreased by 50% as compared with Excel.


Domo Visualization