The Art of Accuracy. The Science of Certification.

Digital Video Measurement (DVM) from MaassMedia unlocks the power of digital audience engagement data. Now your network can gather and certify key audience metrics using Nielsen Digital Content Ratings (DCR), powered by Adobe.

Our field-tested launch process moves you from implementation to certification quickly and efficiently.

Our Process:

MaassMedia’s industry-leading expertise in digital video measurement reliably drives your company to Adobe and Nielsen certification. Our deep experience with and understanding of this cutting-edge technology are built on our investment in our team and our facilities.

  • Implementing Digital Content Ratings and Adobe Heartbeat tracking since their introduction
  • The go-to resource for four major broadcast networks
  • Adobe-certified partners
  • Extensive practice in video QA for Adobe/Nielsen certification
  • Dedicated Media Testing Lab for all streaming devices, from Chromecast and Fire TV to Roku, Apple TV and leading smartphones and tablets

Maximize insights from your audience’s video consumption with MasssMedia’s value-added services:

Strategic Metrics Frameworks

  • New Adobe Heartbeat provides a wealth of deep video engagement behavioral data. We create and produce easy-to-understand KPIs and metrics that speak to your executives, media planning and product teams.

Data Visualizations

  • We deliver reporting and dashboarding straight to your Adobe accounts for fast visualization, easy understanding, and simplified analysis.

DVM Support, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance

  • With MaassMedia Support services we conduct ongoing QA of your data so you can have complete certification readiness with confidence.