Master the game-saving mechanics of website data collection implementation.

Our MaassIQ instructors are some of the leading tag experts in the field, and in this hands-on course they’ll use your own case studies to help you take full advantage of Google Tag Manager and unlock your data’s secrets.

From developing a coding plan and creating tag deployment rules to integrating third party data like ad campaign tags, this learn-by-doing session will ensure your team never misses key data points or produces misleading metrics again.

Who Should Attend:

Developers, Analytics Managers, Web Site Managers, Content Managers, and Digital Analysts, Engineers, Project Managers.

Learn how to:
  • Use GTM code process, tags, triggers and variables to ensure the cleanest, most consistent data possible.
  • Track new content, campaigns, and site changes without a break in data collection.
  • Manage your tags from a single centralized location.
  • Eliminate the need for labor intensive (read: mistake-prone!) page-level tagging.
  • Track Mobile Apps
  • Harness preview mode and debugging to confirm error-free implementations and consistent data.
  • Utilize versioning and source control to return to earlier implementations.
  • Master data layers Use APIs and External Data Sources to pull third-party data into your mix.
  • Implement SDKs for tracking data from your apps.
  • Setup, test, and master Data Layers (the “secret sauce” of data collection), so website updates don’t corrupt your data collection.

Fundamental knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML is highly recommended.

Our Guarantee:

Your new proficiency will slash errors, boost data quality, and enable you to tag like a pro.