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How to Conquer Analytics Dashboard Fatigue

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Business leaders are experiencing fatigue following the onslaught of big data and analytics hype over the past few years. They’ve listened to the “experts” and spent millions on infrastructure, cloud computing and business intelligence tools, expecting to gain transformative insights.

Unfortunately, in many cases that promise has not come to fruition and it’s left the executives wondering how to get the most out of their investments.

Part of the issue lies in the growth in data visualization tools and abundance of easily accessible data creating a drag and drop culture, which ignores the planning necessary to develop great visualizations.

Here are six solutions to get your analytics team moving in the right direction with your visualizations.

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Build, Refine and Improve Your P.R.O.C.E.S.S. Management

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The human brain is a complicated, information-processing system. It controls and coordinates actions and reactions with the information it ingests.

How you process information, and the process you create to follow up on what you do with information, separates each person from the next. A person who follows a “process” is considered more organized, effective, and knowledgeable than someone that does not.

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How to Tame the Data Beast: Building a Data Warehouse

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Many enterprise-sized businesses use legacy systems, such as Microsoft Excel, to collect, cleanse, store, and analyze data from separate sources, such as their CRM, Google Analytics, and call centers. Maintaining the legacy processes by which they collect data from these siloed sources takes up time and resources. When data resides in siloed systems, it becomes extremely difficult to understand a customer journey through the entire sales cycle.

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The Art of Mobile Geofencing

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You’ve built a connection with your customers. Sales are up. Everything is running smoothly with your mobile app. But you’re not one to settle. So, how can you make your marketing campaigns hyper-focused?

Start by considering mobile phone usage. We are seamlessly connected in today’s world. It’s time to leverage this tremendous opportunity in the form of Mobile Geofencing.

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Installing Application Development Builds on OTT Devices — A How-to Guide

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The following article by Greg Molyneaux was recently featured in the Summer Issue of OTT Video Executive Magazine. To download a pdf of the article as it was originally published, click here.

When a company launches a new mobile/OTT app, it is very important that the mobile/OTT app works properly. This may sound simple, but you would be surprised how many issues arise during the development of a mobile/OTT app.

As a digital analyst, I am often tasked with providing quality assurance for the development builds of my clients’ new apps, which includes testing their functionality and data collection. Doing a quality assurance check of an app before launching is vital to the success of the app.

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9 Tips for Building Actionable Data Visualizations

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The power of data comes from the analysis itself. However, the power of the analysis depends on how that data is presented. An analyst can pour hundreds of hours into the depths of Excel madness, but ultimately all that matters are the insights that are delivered to the business leaders. Good data visualizations have the ability to convey key insights more effectively, while bad visualizations have the ability to derail a presentation. Or worse – inaction on critical learnings.

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Importing Manipulated Data into Excel: Power BI vs. Tableau

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Excel will forever be king. It’s accessibility and ease of use for performing all types of calculations makes Excel the most widely utilized tool for analysis in most companies. Despite the rise of other software programs such as Tableau for specific needs, it does not appear that Excel is going anywhere. Many clients still require that deliverables are sent in Excel format. One particular client MaassMedia worked with was using Tableau to manipulate SQL data with calculated fields and then copying and pasting monthly updated data back into a formatted Excel dashboard for distribution reasons. In other words, Tableau was being used as a medium to transform and prepare the data for the Excel dashboard. While Tableau does have basic export Excel functions, its limitations caused us to find a better solution–Microsoft Power BI.

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The Danger of Assumptions

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When it comes to data analysis, the assumptions we make can lead us to the wrong conclusion.

Too often, marketing departments that have had a successful campaign become hyper-focused on replicating the previous success. Sometimes, they try to imitate the success another company has had. Frequently in these situations, they impose a template on the new campaign, one filled with assumptions and “must-do’s.” Read More

How to Pass the Tableau Qualified Associate Exam

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Recently, I passed the Tableau 9 Qualified Associate Exam with around 6 months of heavy usage experience with Tableau. Despite feeling confident with my “everyday” Tableau skills, I needed additional preparation in order to pass the exam as it truly tests your knowledge of the whole range of Tableau’s capabilities – including those you would likely never use. Below are some of my study tips to help you pass the Tableau Qualified Associate Exam as well! Read More