Tableau Use Cases: What Kind Of Tableau User Are You?

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The highly touted and widely used data visualization software Tableau has been on the market since 2003. Since that time, the product has gone through 10 iterations and seen countless changes and improvements. (See our blog on the recent Tableau 10 release.) On top of that, since Tableau’s launch in 2003 many new players have entered the market including the likes of Domo, Qlik, Looker and SweetSpot Intelligence just to name a few.

Greg Kaminski and Lynette Chen Discuss Using Custom Tableau Solutions to Deliver Breakthrough Insights

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Tableau 10 Review: A Solid Upgrade with Some Room to Improve

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Tableau announced on August 22nd that Adam Selipsky, a former Amazon Web Services sales and marketing exec, will be taking over as CEO of the company. Christian Chabot, their former CEO, will stay on as chairman to help guide strategy. It’s a change designed to help Tableau capture bigger deals and reinvigorate some lagging confidence in the company. It seems to have worked already – at least in the short-term – since Tableau stock saw a nice spike this week (up 15.22% on the NYSE the day after the announcement). Read More

How to Pass the Tableau Qualified Associate Exam

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Recently, I passed the Tableau 9 Qualified Associate Exam with around 6 months of heavy usage experience with Tableau. Despite feeling confident with my “everyday” Tableau skills, I needed additional preparation in order to pass the exam as it truly tests your knowledge of the whole range of Tableau’s capabilities – including those you would likely never use. Below are some of my study tips to help you pass the Tableau Qualified Associate Exam as well! Read More