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Politicians #feelthebern on social: #rncincle vs. #dncinphl

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The Democratic National Convention (DNC) was held last week in Philadelphia, PA, home to our MaassMedia office. This historical election season already prompted a lot of conversation. In terms of TV viewership, an average of roughly 28 million viewers watched Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech on the final night of the DNC, according to initial Nielsen ratings data. In comparison, 30 million watched the final night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) the previous week in the preliminary ratings, and at the 2012 DNC, 35.7 million watched the final evening’s broadcast. According to Nielsen, CNN averaged 7.5 million viewers; MSNBC averaged 5.3 million viewers, NBC 4.5 million viewers, ABC 3.8 million viewers, CBS 3.6 million viewers and Fox News 3.0 million viewers. Read More

Pokémon GO – Taking a Data Approach to Our Latest Obsession

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Here at MaassMedia, some of us are hooked onto Pokémon GO too. In addition to increasing our daily exercise amount to catch Pokémon, we were also curious about what the data had to say about the game. While we don’t have direct access to game data, we can use Twitter data from Spredfast and search data from Google as alternative proxies to understand player behavior as it is likely that the majority of users talking and searching about the game are current or potential players. Read More

Do Twitter Followers = More Sponsorship Dollars?

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An athlete’s influence can be huge, whether positive or detrimental to their personal brand as well as those brands that sponsor them. Social media is a double-edged sword. We’ve read the trash talk after big games and witnessed golf icons and football players cause uproars throughout the nation, but we’ve also seen sports idols do wonders for social causes and charities. No matter the reason, fans can follow their favorite athletes on social media and expect new content regularly. Read More