Move Past the Hype: Tips for Selecting A Marketing Automation Platform

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This article was originally published on on March 7, 2018.

How do you determine which marketing automation platform is right for your business?

The answer has become increasingly complicated as more vendors are promising AI and machine learning capabilities, dynamic content, and direct integrations with analytics tools, SSPs and DSPs, and social media advertising. The number of platforms available continues to expand – In 2017, Gartner ranked 22 different products in its Magic Quadrant assessment of Multichannel Campaign Management tools. Read More

One Analytics Tool Doesn’t Cut It: An Integrated Analytics Approach

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I don’t believe only one type of analytics method or platform can speak “The Truth” about the multi-channel customer experience of your brand.

Yet this belief can be found at every level of the analytics world: Software vendors that promote their solution as having all the answers. Digital marketers who only look at metrics reporting from their agencies. Analytics program managers who believe that enormous data sets are the only way to understand the customer lifecycle. Channel managers who only see customer experience through the lens of measurement of their tactics. Read More

5 Ways to Measure the Impact of Digital Experience on Lead Generation

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How do you link the value of positive digital customer experience to online lead generation?

The question seems reasonable enough, but the answer doesn’t come so easily.

User experience metrics such as time on site, bounce rate or page views per visit are rarely, if ever, viewed in context with lead generation tasks or events. These metrics often exist in a vacuum or silo. It’s a leading reason why digital brand and product marketers don’t see the complete picture of influences on lead generation. Read More