Digital Analytics Innovator Phil Kemelor Joins MaassMedia as Vice President of Client Services

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MaassMedia, a digital analytics agency specializing in enterprise solutions, announced the addition of Phil Kemelor as Vice President of Client Services. Kemelor’s hire comes at a key time for MaassMedia, as the firm expands its service offerings in digital and customer analytics across web, mobile, video, and social media. Read More

5 Questions to Ask a Data Analyst During the Interview

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In our last blog post, Alisa Gross and Evan Fink examined the health of the data science job market. The data shows a significant opportunity, both for the data scientists looking for jobs and the companies that want to hire them. Just about everyone needs a data expert.

If you’re hiring someone to analyze data, finding them is not the hard part. Finding the right person is, since all data analysts are not created equal. Read More

Winning Powerball and Other Unlikely Events

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At the time of this writing, the value of the U.S. multi-state Powerball Lottery is estimated to climb to a whopping $1.3 billion by the next drawing at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, January 13.  Your odds of winning the lottery are a staggering 1 in 292,000,000.  Matching all six Powerball numbers is unlikely for sure, but it’s certainly not impossible. To help you feel a bit more optimistic about your chances, we have compiled several other unlikely events that are also improbable but not impossible. Read More

Introducing MaassMedia’s Digital Analytics Service Packages

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One of our goals as a boutique digital analytics firm is that we want every organization, no matter the size, to have the opportunity to use their data to help them reach their business objectives.  To help achieve this, we would like to introduce the MaassMedia “Digital Analytics Service Packages.”  These packages will allow our customers to select a plan that best fits their needs and their budgets. Read More

MaassMedia Featured in an Upcoming Comcast Promotional Video

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Communication is critical to our mission at MaassMedia, where we are constantly interacting with each other and our clients via email, chat, and phone. In addition to our main office in Philadelphia, we have consultants in Boston, Atlanta, Northern Virginia, and Portland. While we are a small, boutique firm, we help some of the world’s largest companies collect and analyze customer data, so a strong network is essential to our daily work. As part of its customer stories program, Comcast Business features customers where its services help them take their business to the next level or solve some of their business problems. We were excited to participate in a video shoot in our Philly office, showing how Comcast Business provides Voice and Network solutions that connect MaassMedia employees and clients in the office and across the country. Read More

Crime and Punishment in the City of Brotherly Love

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We’ve all come back to that little colored envelope tucked so thoughtfully under our windshield wiper with the loving note “Your meter ran out. Please pay us all the money you made today.” Parking tickets are the buzzing mosquito in the ear of city goers. But is there a societal benefit? Each individual fine may not seem like much, but have you ever thought about how much they might add up to? Philadelphia collects just under $70 million every year in fines! Read More