MaassMedia Joins Hero Digital

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Almost 10 years ago I founded a digital analytics consulting firm called MaassMedia to help big companies get more out of their data. A co-worker of mine at the company where I had been the Head of Ecommerce gave me my first big break with a monthly retainer to provide dedicated professional analytics services to his business unit. Since that day we have grown to become one of the leading digital analytics shops in the country, an achievement I attribute primarily to two factors: Read More

Indellient and MaassMedia Partner to Provide Digital Data Collection, Strategy, and Analysis Services for Enterprise Organizations

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Oakville, ON and Philadelphia, PA – March 6, 2018

Partnership combines 25 years of expertise in sophisticated data and analytics solutions

MaassMedia, a specialty digital analytics consulting firm based in Philadelphia, PA, and Indellient, a technology solutions and services firm with offices in Toronto and New York, are partnering to launch a comprehensive joint digital analytics solution. The partnership brings together MaassMedia’s expertise in digital analytics strategy, metrics frameworks, analysis, and visualization of web data with Indellient’s data, analytics, machine learning, and AI offerings. Read More

Meet Greg, MaassMedia Director Analytics

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Gregory Kaminski is our Director of Analytics here at MaassMedia and has been with the company since early 2013. He has a knack for bringing creativity to the world of data with a passion for data visualization. As a marketing analytics leader residing in Philadelphia, he’s spent his career analyzing data and providing insight to drive decision making and strategic growth.

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Analytics that WOW: How Aaron Maass and Sergio Maldonado approach turning big data into useful data

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Heading to eMetrics Summit in NYC? On October 31, after the conference, venture to the Houndstooth Pub in Hell’s Kitchen for a happy hour networking event sponsored by MaassMedia and Sweetspot. Drinks and snacks are on us! Register here.

How do you turn big data into useful data?

First and foremost, it takes inquisitive people that see the patterns that lie beneath the surface.

As founders of Sweetspot and MaassMedia (respectively), Sergio Maldonado and Aaron Maass both believe that a strong data analytics strategy means not just solving problems and finding answers, but asking the right questions. After working in marketing analytics at Comcast and DuPont, Aaron founded MaassMedia with the mission to train analytics consultants to move beyond crunching numbers and building dashboards. Without focusing on creating a strong foundation, earning trust, and building stronger relationships, analytics insights and growth plans often fall flat.

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Meet Aaron, MaassMedia Founder & CEO

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I love business. I filed for a patent when I was 12, had my own stockbroker when I was 14, started a business club when I was 16, and over the years have founded 3 start-ups and worked for some of the world’s largest companies. Not many things excite me more than understanding the psychology behind why people buy. In my current role as the CEO of MaassMedia, I love working with and growing our team of super smart analysts to help our clients unlock unseen possibilities with data.
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Meet Phil, MaassMedia VP of Client Services

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phil-kemelor_I’m a partner at MaassMedia and VP, Client Services – I’ve been with MM since Oct 2016 and have had a 23 year career in digital analytics and consulting. Companies I’ve worked for include: Semphonic, Ernst & Young, Bell Atlantic, Verizon, NetGenesis and SAIC. I’ve written The Executive’s Guide to Web Site Measurement and Testing, and was a co-founder of and lead researcher for The CMSWatch Web Analytics Report. I’ve been a frequent contributor to CMSWire. I’ll be speaking at DAHub in October and DX Summit in November later this year. Read More

Meet Rebecca, MaassMedia Senior Analyst

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Rebecca is a senior digital analyst who joined MaassMedia in July 2016. With an MS and background in neuroscience, Rebecca has extensive experience in a variety of analytics settings. Recently returning to digital analytics, Rebecca has practiced in a number of industries ranging from media, non-profit, intellectual property and retail. Naturally curious and with an eye towards detail, Rebecca enjoys providing perceptive insights across a full range of client engagements. Read More

Our 2017 Digital Analytics Predictions. You Decide Which Will Come True.

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In 2017, will there be a live stream video beating BuzzFeed’s record viewership from last year? Will cognitive analytics become a thing? What kinds of disruptions can we expect?

MaassMedia’s digital analysts share their digital analytics predictions for 2017, some real, and some facetious. Tell us which ones you believe will come true by answering this survey, and you could win a $50 gift certificate to Amazon at the end of the year.