How Data Professionals Can Get a Seat at the Table

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A big company just hired you to help with analytics and deliver insights based on data. It seems like the perfect job: Good salary, lots of responsibility, tons of opportunity to put your knowledge and experience to use.

For the first few months, it’s like drinking from a fire hose. You have a menagerie of tools and applications to learn your way around, a host of complicated reports to take over and a plethora of important people to meet.

It isn’t long, however, before some cracks start to appear and you discover that the organization is not as quite as data-driven or as proficient in digital analytics as you thought.

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Build, Refine and Improve Your P.R.O.C.E.S.S. Management

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The human brain is a complicated, information-processing system. It controls and coordinates actions and reactions with the information it ingests.

How you process information, and the process you create to follow up on what you do with information, separates each person from the next. A person who follows a “process” is considered more organized, effective, and knowledgeable than someone that does not.

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Analytics Horror Stories

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Heading to eMetrics Summit in NYC? On October 31, after the conference, venture to the Houndstooth Pub in Hell’s Kitchen for a happy hour networking event sponsored by MaassMedia and Sweetspot. Drinks and snacks are on us! Register here.

It’s that time again — time to get our spook on and recap some of the scariest big data and analytics nightmares we’ve experienced over the years. Join us in this thrilling and spine-tingling post from the MaassMedia team and our Partners at Sweetspot as we reveal the stories that really keep us up at night.

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Analytics that WOW: How Aaron Maass and Sergio Maldonado approach turning big data into useful data

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Heading to eMetrics Summit in NYC? On October 31, after the conference, venture to the Houndstooth Pub in Hell’s Kitchen for a happy hour networking event sponsored by MaassMedia and Sweetspot. Drinks and snacks are on us! Register here.

How do you turn big data into useful data?

First and foremost, it takes inquisitive people that see the patterns that lie beneath the surface.

As founders of Sweetspot and MaassMedia (respectively), Sergio Maldonado and Aaron Maass both believe that a strong data analytics strategy means not just solving problems and finding answers, but asking the right questions. After working in marketing analytics at Comcast and DuPont, Aaron founded MaassMedia with the mission to train analytics consultants to move beyond crunching numbers and building dashboards. Without focusing on creating a strong foundation, earning trust, and building stronger relationships, analytics insights and growth plans often fall flat.

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How to Present Data To Executives In An Era of Alternate Facts – Hint: It’s All About Trust

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“In God we trust, all others must bring data,” the statistician William Deming once said.

There’s a lot that is appealing to me about Deming’s assertion that there is truth in numbers.  As the owner of an analytics consulting firm that specializes in helping companies make better business decisions based on data, I’ve always found the truth in numbers to be strangely comforting.  It is one of the reasons I gravitated to the field of digital analytics.

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5 Questions to Ask a Data Analyst During the Interview

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In our last blog post, Alisa Gross and Evan Fink examined the health of the data science job market. The data shows a significant opportunity, both for the data scientists looking for jobs and the companies that want to hire them. Just about everyone needs a data expert.

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Tracking the Health of the Data Science Job Market

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Around 2008, D.J. Patil and Jeff Hammerbacker, who led the analytics teams at LinkedIn and Facebook respectively, coined the term data scientist to describe the people who manage big data and have the talent to pull insights from it. A few short years later, the Harvard Business Review christened the role as the sexiest job of the 21st century. The opportunity for data scientists continues to skyrocket across organizations of every shape and size – from scrappy startups to established enterprises.

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A Career Evolution to Digital Analytics

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“I want to be a Digital Analyst when I grow up,” said no one in the 70’s or 80’s in grade school. And I’m pretty sure that is unlikely to be said today, although it’s been one of the hottest growing careers lately.  It doesn’t have the glamour and status of a doctor or lawyer to a kid, but with the right combination of experience and skills, it can pay nearly as much. Advanced degrees are certainly a plus, but not at all required. Read More