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The Dude’s Guide to Analytics: How Jeff Lebowski Would Use Analytics to Drive Customer Insights

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Do you think dealing with data is painful? Are you getting FOMO attacks because you think everyone is getting great insights and you’re just looking at a bunch of numbers that don’t really “say” anything? Are you getting tired of all the hype around “data driven digital transformation” and other such corporate speak?

If you answer yes, or even let yourself think of answering yes to at least one of those questions, then, take a breath, sit back, get yourself a White Russian, and let’s get some friendly advice from none other than our good friend, the Dude – that’s right, Jeff Lebowski. Read More

What every digital marketer, product manager, and content owner needs to know about digital data quality

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How do you get clear and actionable insights to improve the performance of your digital marketing campaigns, increase customer engagement with content, or build revenue from your online shopping cart?

It’s likely that you have a set of reports, dashboards and analyses that you use to monitor how your digital initiatives are performing. You may even use predictive analytics and multi-channel attribution models to forecast and plan budgets. You may also be deploying personalization strategies based on online customer behavior. Read More

Understanding and Meeting the Challenges of Digital Transformation

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When we think about transformation, we think change. Consider societal shifts over the years: television, email, smartphones and the list goes on. When these technologies were first introduced, were people as receptive as they are today? Of course not. Societal transformation does not occur overnight. So, why then, in the enterprise, do we expect that digital transformation can occur over the course of a year or two? Read More

MaassMedia Launches MaassIQ Digital Analytics Training for Organizations

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MaassMedia is excited to announce the launch of its comprehensive analytics training program for organizations. MaassIQ Digital Analytics Training is a customizable program, offering course tracks in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Data Visualization, and Strategy that meet the needs of your employees and your company’s use cases. CEO Aaron Maass founded MaassMedia with the mission of training analytics consultants to move beyond crunching numbers and building dashboards to provide organizations with strategic guidance to move their businesses forward. Now, MaassMedia is taking Aaron’s vision for training directly to the organization. Read More

The Path to Subscriptions: A 5 Step Plan for Paywall Success

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Plummeting print subscriptions, digital ad blockers and unstable ad revenues continue to threaten the digital news industry. Publishers have been experimenting with ways to strike a balance between readership and revenue. Now more than ever, paywalls have become a critical lifeline. About 80% of U.S. newspapers have launched digital paywalls (then withdrawn, retooled and re-launched several times) with varying results. There are many different reasons why paywalls can succeed or fail. Regardless of what type of paywall you employ, developing a measurement strategy to determine the paywall’s impact on subscriptions and revenue is critical to discovering your site’s strengths and weaknesses. Read More

Build, Refine and Improve Your P.R.O.C.E.S.S. Management

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The human brain is a complicated, information-processing system. It controls and coordinates actions and reactions with the information it ingests.

How you process information, and the process you create to follow up on what you do with information, separates each person from the next. A person who follows a “process” is considered more organized, effective, and knowledgeable than someone that does not.

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One Analytics Tool Doesn’t Cut It: An Integrated Analytics Approach

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I don’t believe only one type of analytics method or platform can speak “The Truth” about the multi-channel customer experience of your brand.

Yet this belief can be found at every level of the analytics world: Software vendors that promote their solution as having all the answers. Digital marketers who only look at metrics reporting from their agencies. Analytics program managers who believe that enormous data sets are the only way to understand the customer lifecycle. Channel managers who only see customer experience through the lens of measurement of their tactics. Read More

Meet Greg, MaassMedia Director Analytics

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Gregory Kaminski is our Director of Analytics here at MaassMedia and has been with the company since early 2013. He has a knack for bringing creativity to the world of data with a passion for data visualization. As a marketing analytics leader residing in Philadelphia, he’s spent his career analyzing data and providing insight to drive decision making and strategic growth.

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Natural Language Processing: How to Test, Evaluate, and Scale Your Approach

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How the Guardian Mobile Lab and MaassMedia efficiently analyzed qualitative data from thousands of survey responses with natural language processing.

In a recent article, “Analysis Without Benchmarks: An Approach for Measuring the Success of Mobile Innovation Projects,” we discussed how MaassMedia and the Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab worked together to develop survey questions that enabled the lab to analyze users’ reactions to new mobile news formats  (such as their experiment sending real-time updates on the 2016 US presidential election results to users’ lock screens). Here we’ll explain why we include open-ended questions in these feedback surveys, and how we developed a natural language processing algorithm to evaluate the sentiment of thousands of users’ free-form responses.

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Newsroom Innovation — Best Practices for Measuring Success through Survey Analysis

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Unlock the science behind obtaining audience feedback, and discover what they really thought of your innovation project.

The purpose of many newsroom innovation projects, like those the Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab carries out, is to test out new formats and features that deliver news in new and better ways. To measure the success of these projects, it’s important to understand whether or not people engaged with the format in the way you intend them to, and also to understand what they thought about the new experience. A great way to get that understanding is to ask your users for feedback, which the mobile lab does at the end of each experiment by sending them a survey.

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