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MaassMedia Joins Hero Digital

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Almost 10 years ago I founded a digital analytics consulting firm called MaassMedia to help big companies get more out of their data. A co-worker of mine at the company where I had been the Head of Ecommerce gave me my first big break with a monthly retainer to provide dedicated professional analytics services to his business unit. Since that day we have grown to become one of the leading digital analytics shops in the country, an achievement I attribute primarily to two factors: Read More

Telling Stories Through Data Visualization

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Researchers believe storytelling developed and became part of our culture before language was fully established.

Storytelling continues to be deeply woven into the fabric of our being today. It’s how we communicate information to our co-workers, friends and family. It drives the film, television and publishing industries. It’s a powerful tool, and essentially how we connect as a species. Read More

Move Past the Hype: Tips for Selecting A Marketing Automation Platform

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This article was originally published on on March 7, 2018.

How do you determine which marketing automation platform is right for your business?

The answer has become increasingly complicated as more vendors are promising AI and machine learning capabilities, dynamic content, and direct integrations with analytics tools, SSPs and DSPs, and social media advertising. The number of platforms available continues to expand – In 2017, Gartner ranked 22 different products in its Magic Quadrant assessment of Multichannel Campaign Management tools. Read More

Indellient and MaassMedia Partner to Provide Digital Data Collection, Strategy, and Analysis Services for Enterprise Organizations

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Oakville, ON and Philadelphia, PA – March 6, 2018

Partnership combines 25 years of expertise in sophisticated data and analytics solutions

MaassMedia, a specialty digital analytics consulting firm based in Philadelphia, PA, and Indellient, a technology solutions and services firm with offices in Toronto and New York, are partnering to launch a comprehensive joint digital analytics solution. The partnership brings together MaassMedia’s expertise in digital analytics strategy, metrics frameworks, analysis, and visualization of web data with Indellient’s data, analytics, machine learning, and AI offerings. Read More

How to Conquer Analytics Dashboard Fatigue

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Business leaders are experiencing fatigue following the onslaught of big data and analytics hype over the past few years. They’ve listened to the “experts” and spent millions on infrastructure, cloud computing and business intelligence tools, expecting to gain transformative insights.

Unfortunately, in many cases that promise has not come to fruition and it’s left the executives wondering how to get the most out of their investments.

Part of the issue lies in the growth in data visualization tools and abundance of easily accessible data creating a drag and drop culture, which ignores the planning necessary to develop great visualizations.

Here are six solutions to get your analytics team moving in the right direction with your visualizations.

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MaassMedia and NativeTrust Consulting Partner on GDPR Readiness and Digital Data Integrity

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MaassMedia, the digital analytics consulting firm based in Philadelphia, PA and NativeTrust Consulting, an Internet policy consultancy based in McLean, VA are partnering to offer, for the first time, data strategy services that focus both on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and digital data integrity and governance.

The GDPR, which will go into effect on May 25, 2018, will require companies that collect EU prospect or customer data to adhere to strict new data and privacy rules. Offenders may be subject to substantial fines, including US companies that have an EU based online audience.  

MaassMedia and NativeTrust will work with organizations to help them prepare for GDPR compliance and develop digital data collection programs that effectively evaluate and improve digital customer experience.

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How Data Professionals Can Get a Seat at the Table

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A big company just hired you to help with analytics and deliver insights based on data. It seems like the perfect job: Good salary, lots of responsibility, tons of opportunity to put your knowledge and experience to use.

For the first few months, it’s like drinking from a fire hose. You have a menagerie of tools and applications to learn your way around, a host of complicated reports to take over and a plethora of important people to meet.

It isn’t long, however, before some cracks start to appear and you discover that the organization is not as quite as data-driven or as proficient in digital analytics as you thought.

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