Never find yourself in over your head again.

Consider this class the Mariana Trench of Adobe Analytics deep dives. It’s a fully submerged exploration ofAdobe Analytics’ more complex reporting and data analysis capabilities.

Drawing on their bottomless consulting experiences and using your organization’s own issues and dilemmas, the MaassIQ Adobe Analytics experts will lead you through a series of practical, hands-on exercises that go beyond shallow surface attributes and into the depths of its ability to provide a richer understanding of user website behavior and to create a true data-driven organization.

Who Should Attend:

Analysts, Marketers.

Learn how to:
  • Where are users falling out of the conversion funnel?
  • Which marketing channels are driving the highest value customers?
  • Which content on the website is the most engaging to my visitors?

MaassMedia will work with you and customize the training to the specific issues your organization is facing.  All training materials will be specific to your organization and will provide direction on how to use segmentation, Adobe’s analytics workspace and ad hoc analysis tools to solve the data questions that keep your analysts awake at night.

Our Guarantee:

Learn how to deploy Adobe Analytics’s data solutions and turn your reporting into analytics gold.