Spend a summer working for a boutique data analytics firm in the heart of Philadelphia.


Are you looking for a challenge? Do you want to solve real-life business problems and gain valuable industry knowledge? Become an intern at MaassMedia, LLC and put your talents to work helping our clients solve real-world problems. By joining the MaassMedia team, you will be exposed to analytics programs at leading corporations and organizations while working alongside a small, eclectic group of brilliant data scientists and developers.

Our interns are creative, self-motivated students who are interested in engaging with real-world data, generating and testing solutions, and collaborating with our full-time staff to create finished products. Asking questions is part of the job! We expect you to be more than an intern. We want to hear your ideas and see your unique work, so it’s important that our interns enjoy collaboration and teamwork.


10 week paid internship
One-to-one hands-on training
Access to company data and programs
The chance to do actual client work
Mentorship program
Project development experience


Allie is originally from Santa Cruz, CA. She is now part of the class of 2016 at Bryn Mawr College. She is a math major focusing on financial math and is considering a minor in philosophy. When she’s not playing with numbers, Allie plays soccer on the varsity team at Bryn Mawr. Allie has also been part of several groups on her campus including the Student Athlete Advisory Committee as well as the Divestment club. She intends to continue a career in data analytics and has attributed her passion for the field to her work at MaassMedia.

Yidi is a student at Brown (2017) who is majoring in Applied Mathematics and Philosophy. Her other interests include running and hiking, and she splits the rest of her time between the Brown Debating Club, where she’s the Vice President of Operations, and the Brown Daily Herald’s Post- Magazine, of which she loves being the Editor-in-Chief. She has a deep interest using data analytics as the backbone of business decisions, and she’s also a member of the Brown Investment Group.

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