The areas in which we excel

MaassMedia is a platform agnostic digital analytics firm. We work with the tools your organization already uses and can implement additional tools to collect and correlate data from multiple sources, creating a holistic view of your audience that leads to truly valuable insights. No matter what your analytics platform may be, we use our digital analytics growth model as a framework to ensure that your analytics program is powerful and poised for future growth. This disciplined approach ensures that you understand the goals of your digital assets, have a plan in place for data collection, collect and disseminate the necessary data, and use the data to drive business decisions.

Our expertise across platforms can help you at any stage of the analytics growth model to improve your data in areas such as:

  • Segmentation
  • Multi-Channel Visitor Behavior
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Campaign Attribution
  • Media Effectiveness
  • Social Media Impact
  • Mobile App Engagement

Read more about our experience with two of the most popular digital analytics tools, Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, or contact us to discuss the platform used by your organization.