MaassMedia Launches MaassIQ Digital Analytics Training for Organizations

By January 26, 2018Analytics, News

MaassMedia is excited to announce the launch of its comprehensive analytics training program for organizations. MaassIQ Digital Analytics Training is a customizable program, offering course tracks in Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Data Visualization, and Strategy that meet the needs of your employees and your company’s use cases. CEO Aaron Maass founded MaassMedia with the mission of training analytics consultants to move beyond crunching numbers and building dashboards to provide organizations with strategic guidance to move their businesses forward. Now, MaassMedia is taking Aaron’s vision for training directly to the organization.

In the following interview, Aaron Maass and Vice President of Client Services, Phil Kemelor, discuss how MaassIQ Digital Analytics Training provides students (from analysts to execs) with a personalized, practical understanding of how to use analytics to push their organization’s analytics maturity forward.

Q: What are the advantages of organizational training?

(Aaron) A:

By offering analytics training for organizations and their employees, we can focus on each company’s own datasets, use cases, and analytics questions. Even with experienced new hires, it can take a while for managers to mold their skills to the unique business problems of their new organization. MaassIQ gives analysts, marketers, executives, and sales and UX teams  a thorough grounding in how to use web analytics tools like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Domo, and Tableau, how to create reports and metrics, and how to analyze numbers. We work to help participants come to a common understanding of their organization’s analytics challenges and goals.  The potential benefits are many, including increased employee retention and job satisfaction. After the courses, employees are better equipped to work on your biggest analytics challenges.

Q: Can you discuss what MaassIQ instructors bring to the table?

(Phil) A: “The people who work here are experts in what they do and are great at sharing that knowledge. That’s part of being a good consultant and part of the job description at MaassMedia. We have put together the program in such a way that positions our practitioners to teach from actual experience with their clients and engagements.”

(Aaron) A: “The reason we are providing this service is because we have always provided training to our clients and received great feedback on both our experts and our training offerings. We are simply now offering our program to the larger market. We haven’t chosen the instructors; they have chosen themselves.”

Q: How does MaassIQ provide support with strategy, adoption, and culture?

(Phil)A: “All too often, analytics is considered just a tool or a technology. However, there is a lot more to using analytics well than simply learning platforms like Google Analytics. We offer several courses which focus specifically on soft skills, such as presenting visualizations and planning your analytics budgets. These skills can help secure buy-in throughout your organization and influence decisions.

An additional benefit we can offer is helping organizations to build communities of practice for people who have completed the trainings so that they can share experiences after the courses. Often students don’t have the opportunity or means to share what they’ve learned in their trainings with the rest of their organizations.

We will work with graduates of the training program and sponsor the community to help facilitate initial meetings, agendas, and topic discussion. From an operational perspective, it can be formalized so there is a governance and agreement on topics discussed, speakers, outcomes, and communications across the organization. We feel this offers the greatest value as organizations will be given the power to integrate and customize what they have learned and drive insight and decision making across the organization.”

Q: What do you hope to accomplish through the MaassIQ training program?

(Aaron) A: “That each student learns something practical and applicable to make their jobs and business better. We want to improve organizational performance, and we want organizational employees to facilitate that growth.”

(Phil) A: “Once a student completes the training, the ultimate goal is to inspire them to share what they have learned. Whether it is forming or participating in a digital analytics community within their organization, we want an ongoing community of practice that facilitates adoption in the company and improves the digital customer experience using those learnings. We want our teachings to improve the literacy of digital analytics within the company.”


No matter where your organization sits on the analytics spectrum, MaassMedia will create a customized training solution for you. Discover MaassIQ.

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