MaassMedia to Present at Virtual Analytics Summit, with 5000+ Attendees

By November 2, 2017Event

Chris Meares, VP Analytics, will be joining more than 25 top industry leaders at this impressive online digital marketing and analytics summit.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania November 2, 2017 — MaassMedia, LLC today announced that it is participating in the 2017 Analytics Summit. Participants in this virtual summit include industry leaders in the advancing web and mobile app analytics space. Chris Meares was selected to participate in the event by ObservePoint based on his influence in digital marketing and analytics leadership.

Chris will be presenting, “Data Operations: The Solution to Everything [Data-Driven]” at the virtual summit on November 9, 2017. Attendees can register and attend the event via the virtual event portal.

Chris Meares is the Vice President of Analytics at MaassMedia. Chris has lead numerous Fortune 500 companies through the digital analytics growth process, helping them integrate cutting edge and best practice analytics tools and techniques into their digital strategy.

In this presentation, Chris will discuss the essentials of effective data operations strategies. To become a data-driven organization, you need to start out by ensuring that your data is completely dependable. When building and using big data repositories that include digital, customer, product, financial, demographic, first party and third party data, it becomes harder and harder to manage and govern the integrity of these data sets. Data operations provides organizations with a set of processes, standards, and rules that enable analytics and IT teams the foundation they need to create a stable data foundation.

These decisions start with an effective strategy. As Chris states, “Without a strong data operations strategy, your business will run the risk of collecting inaccurate data that will compromise your ability to make smart and mission critical decisions. You need a dependable data foundation to produce a reliable action plan and to maximize the business value of your data analytics strategy.”

To register for the virtual Analytics Summit, visit the ObservePoint event page at:


Founded in 2008, MaassMedia is an independent, specialty analytics consulting firm based in Philadelphia, PA, with offices located in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, GA. We have extensive experience in web, mobile, social, and video analytics, providing uncommon data analytics insights to major global brands seeking to optimize their investments in digital multi-channel content, marketing, and customer acquisition. Expertise includes data operations, data quality, visualization, modeling, strategy, and training.

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