Strategies for Success in 2018: Data Operations

By October 26, 2017Event

At this year’s premier Analytics Summit, top industry leaders in digital marketing and analytics will discuss innovative and effective methods for optimizing your business’s marketing techniques. These leaders will offer their web analytics and digital marketing tips in a series of rapid-fire online presentations in this free, virtual event. 

Chris Meares, VP of Analytics at MaassMedia, will be presenting, “Data Operations: The Complete Solution to Everything [Data-Driven]. In this presentation, you’ll discover how data collection, governance, quality, integration, and accessibility can help you glean the insights you need to make decisions.

This summit, to be held November 9, 2017, will bring together 5,000+ executives, directors, managers, and practitioners in the analytics industry. This year’s summit will help our global network to architect, apply, and govern their digital analytics initiatives to produce better—and more profitable—omnichannel experiences.

In all, more than 25 experts will share their insights from years of seasoned experience in 30 minutes or less, making each presentation direct and actionable.

Confirmed speakers include:

– James McCormick, Forrester

– John Pestana, Omniture & ObservePoint

– Matt Gellis, Keystone Solutions

– Daryl Acumen, Adobe

– and more…

This event will ignite and inspire members of your organization towards greater success in digital marketing, web analytics, and data governance. And you can attend all of the value-packed sessions at no cost.

Register for the Event

Attendees entering the virtual expo center will also be given the option to watch on-demand sessions where they can learn from industry experts and practitioners how to move from basic reporting to truly influencing business change. Participants will discover key ways to leverage their analytics data, drive compelling customer experiences, and leapfrog their competition in today’s mobile and big data application shifts. Register here.

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