Meet Phil, MaassMedia VP of Client Services

By June 2, 2017MaassMedia

phil-kemelor_I’m a partner at MaassMedia and VP, Client Services – I’ve been with MM since Oct 2016 and have had a 23 year career in digital analytics and consulting. Companies I’ve worked for include: Semphonic, Ernst & Young, Bell Atlantic, Verizon, NetGenesis and SAIC. I’ve written The Executive’s Guide to Web Site Measurement and Testing, and was a co-founder of and lead researcher for The CMSWatch Web Analytics Report. I’ve been a frequent contributor to CMSWire. I’ll be speaking at DAHub in October and DX Summit in November later this year.

What is a fun fact about you (that has nothing to do with analytics?)

I grow garlic and hops in my front yard. It’s part of a larger long term project of mine to turn my front yard from a suburban lawn to an “edible” landscape. I grow a variety of berry bushes and fruit trees – persimmon, mulberry, blueberry, currant, raspberry, goji berry, elderflower – as well as veggies that can get by without full sun – arugula, mustard, beans, radishes.

What’s your favorite food?

It’s really a food group – dark chocolate, beer, espresso or dark roast coffee – all very good on their own and enhanced with the right pairing, like espresso and cannoli, dark chocolate and wine.

How did you get into analytics?

In my first internet job, I worked for a subscription newsletter company. We sold specialized B2B newsletters for hundreds of dollars per subscription. I created the company’s web site in 1995 to help us sell more subscriptions. I wanted to understand who was coming to the web site and the types of newsletters people were interested in.  I got Webtrends 1.0 to start tracking the activity.  I continued to use analytics in my subsequent web site management jobs and finally ran web analytics for Bell Atlantic in 1997.

What’s the coolest place you’ve traveled to?

Every place is cool for one reason or another. Some obvious and some not so obvious. New Zealand, Panama, Israel are places that I’ve been and are clearly cool because of their landscapes. On the other hand, I happen to really like the old part of Las Vegas because a few funky bars, cafes and street art; and now that I go up to Philadelphia once a week, I’m finding all the different neighborhood bars, bakeries and coffee spots to be very cool as well. I also enjoy how walkable the city is.

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