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By March 30, 2017Insight, News

img_0062Sitting in the Salt Lake City airport waiting to board my flight to head back to Philadelphia, I am trying to wrap my head around the last few days I spent at Domopalooza.  Perhaps I am having trouble putting my thoughts together because of pure exhaustion from attending the two concerts in two nights that Domo hosted as part of the conference.  Perhaps it is due to the amount of useful information that was provided in the breakout sessions.  Perhaps it is due to the inspiring words spoken by the keynote speakers Nate Silver, Edwin Catmull and Theo Epstein.  Whatever the reason, my head is spinning at the moment.

I came to Domopalooza with low expectations.  I have known of Domo since it was introduced about 5 years ago.  At first, I was not impressed by it.  It was unclear how Domo worked, what it did, and why people needed it.

But in the past two years, a few of MaassMedia’s clients have adopted Domo, and I’ve started to realize the power of the tool. While it has a few shortcomings, it is excellent at combining disparate data sources quickly and easily.  After the past three days, I now realize the true power of the tool.

img_0058 One of the largest pain points I hear from current and potential clients is around combining all their data.  Big data has been a buzzword for quite some time now, but making your data work for your organization is still very difficult and time-consuming.  The key to making your data work is getting all your data from all your data sources into the same place, a place we refer to as a data warehouse.  Building a data warehouse where you can combine your offline and online data and then get meaningful insights out of that data to drive your business forward is extremely difficult.  Sure, storage costs of data are way down thanks to companies like Amazon. But extracting all your data, coming up with a data model, securing resources to do all the work and then placing a BI tool or data visualization tool on top of that data takes a lot of time, money and effort.

This is what impresses me about Domo. It’s an all-in-one solution for your data warehouse, data visualization and business intelligence tools — and it’s in the cloud!

At Domopalooza, Domo announced a plethora of new features that will be rolling out.  Each time a new feature was announced, it was met by thunderous applause from the audience. Wow! I’ve never heard of a dashboard generating so much excitement!

So, what are the new features?  Good question! 

  • Annotations for your Domo cards – Domo has added a drawing feature to your cards where you can write custom annotations directly onto the cards to call out specific data points. This feature is relatively simple, but not available in many tools.
  • Analyzer – You can now create period-over-period comparisons, see data preview tables, verify your data lineage all inside the card editor. You can also add new data to your card quicker, sort, format and filter straight from this new interface. While this feature is not new, the previous version of “Analyzer” was just a filter option.  They have spent a lot of time and resources to update this feature and made it very Tableau-like.
  • Intelligent alerts – The Domo Alert Center instantly signals when actions are happening across your Domo instance. It is supposed to surface relevant information to a specific user.  It looked pretty slick in the demo, but until I see it in action I am not 100% sold on it yet.
  • Domo Everywhere – Domo has given its users a new way of sharing their Domo cards with people. They now allow embedding of cards wherever you want through either an iframe or a JavaScript API.  They have added a plugin for PowerPoint to allow easier integration into presentations, and finally added a report scheduler.
  • User Filtering – Domo has updated their user-permissions making it easier to control which audience has access to specific data.

(For more updates, read Domo Introduces New Features and Platform Capabilities to Drive the Data Revolution From the C-Suite to the Frontline).

img_0085These new features will position Domo as a true Business Intelligence tool available in the cloud.  There were other announcements about product roadmaps which centered heavily around the use of AI.  I am not going to delve too much into this as it is still very far out from being a reality.  However, with the tool in its current state and these new feature additions to Domo, it is becoming harder and harder to understand why all businesses aren’t joining the Domo Revolution.



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