Meet Lynette: MaassMedia Senior Analytics Consultant

By March 6, 2017MaassMedia


Lynette Chen is a senior analytics consultant with a passion for telling interesting stories with data and visualizations. She has experience creating web and social data analyses as well as reporting dashboards for clients across various industry verticals. 

Fun Fact:

I enjoy film photography because it’s a process. It’s easy to take a thousand versions of a picture on your phone or digital camera and pick the best one. However, with film, you get one shot and you have no idea what it looks like until you develop it. Whether or not it turns out as expected, it’s always a pleasant surprise.

What is something you learned recently?

Did you know that the inside of blueberries are white? Usually you just eat the entire blueberry as a whole so you don’t see the inside but who would have thought the name of the fruit would only be based on the outside color.

What’s the coolest place you’ve traveled to?

One of the coolest places I’ve traveled to was Nara, Japan. I got a chance to visit this past Christmas and it blew all my expectations. Nara is known for it’s unique deer park where over a thousand wild deer roam. Visitors get to explore the cultural attractions of the city while walking alongside and feeding the deer. The deer have been wandering the protected city for centuries and are considered a national treasure.

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