PRESS RELEASE: White Label Case Study on MaassMedia’s Work in Doubling Conversion Rates Released by Google

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 26, 2013. MaassMedia, LLC. today announced the release of a new Google case study that documents Maass’s success in doubling conversion rates for a large telecommunications firm by using the new Google Analytics Premium Data-Driven Attribution Model, in partnership with Google Analytics.

MaassMedia, LLC., a leading digital analytics consulting firm based in Philadelphia and an Authorized Reseller for Google Analytics Premium, used the attribution model to evaluate different networks, placements, and creatives in its client’s marketing campaigns and uncovered opportunities that were undervalued by the previous model. These findings were used to optimize marketing spending. Subsequently, the team saw leads from Display increase 10% while cost per lead remains flat. Conversion rates also doubled thanks to optimized display placements.

The results of this project also provide an ongoing evidence-based framework for optimization and decision making in marketing investments. “The possibilities going forward is immense,” says Melissa Shusterman, Director of Strategic Engagement at MaassMedia, “we are excited to help other Premium client benefit from this attribution model.”

This case study is one of four published success stories from the newly developed Data-Driven Attribution Model. A new feature in Google Analytics Premium, the model uses statistical and economic principles to analyze all touch points in a customer”s interactions across search, social, display, email, and other media. Each marketing channels are then assigned values through automatic and dynamic analyses.

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MaassMedia is a digital marketing analytics consulting firm based in Philadelphia that helps organizations collect and use data to generate actionable customer insights, drive higher site conversions and make better business decisions. Since its inception, MaassMedia has helped numerous clients like Comcast, Coldwell Banker, Gore-Tex, NASDAQ and Lenovo design, develop and implement improvements to their analytics capabilities that deliver measurable and immediate benefits to their bottom-line. For more information, visit

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